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Flower CSA

2023 Summer and Autumn membership sales will be available for purchase on

Friday, April 28th @ 10am

2023 CSA Options:

Summer & Autumn CSA


Our summer and autumn flower CSA membership offers several options to choose from.  One is sure to fit your preference for flowers in your home all season long or as a gift for someone special.  Our market bouquets come fresh from our field, wrapped in kraft paper for you to bring home and arrange in your own vase or vessel.


First choose your season

Full Season Share: May 30 -- Sept. 19

Summer Share: May 30 -- July 18

Autumn Share: Aug. 1-- Sept. 19

(No bouquet pick-ups the week of 7/23 - 7/29)

Next choose your frequency

Weekly Full Season Share -

16 weeks /16 bouquets:  $350 (plus tax)

Weekly Summer or Autumn Share -

8 weeks /8 bouquets:  $185 (plus tax)

Bi-monthly (every other week) Full Season Share -

16 weeks /8 bouquets:  $200 (plus tax)

Bi-monthly (every other week) Summer or Autumn Share -

8 weeks /4 bouquets:  $105 (plus tax)

Finally choose the pick-up day/location that is best for you!


Tuesdays:  Sugarbud Fields - Wildwood  

920 Saint Paul Road, Wildwood, MO 63021

(pick ups are from 3pm - 6pm)

( July 4th pickup will be delayed for pickup on Wednesday, July 5th)


Wednesdays:  Milk + Honey- Wildwood

16765 Main Street, Wildwood, MO 63040

(pick ups are from noon - 6pm)

Wednesdays:  The Alpine Shop- Chesterfield

1616 Clarkson Road, Chesterfield, MO 63017

(pick ups are from noon - 6pm)

*Please review our Terms and Conditions page prior to finalizing your CSA membership 

Spring Tulip miniCSA

We are so excited to welcome spring with tulips!  This subscription will consist of one bouquet of freshly harvested tulips each week for three weeks. Tulip blooms come in a fast flush of beauty; this miniCSA allows you to "reserve your place" for the show, with three beautiful tulip-bloom-filled weeks to keep or share.  I am anticipating this CSA will either run from March 27th - April 14th or April 3rd - April 21st, but really it is up to Mother Nature's whims and when she wants this show to begin! Upon registration you select your pickup date/location from the following options. 

CSA, Community Supported Agriculture. 

Never heard of it?  Let’s break it down.

The CSA works to provide weekly “shares” of local agricultural crops being harvested to the community.  The CSA membership model is beneficial to both farms and consumers.  It allows consumers the opportunity to support local agriculture and to get acquainted with what grows locally and seasonally.  It benefits farmers by providing them with a baseline of support in an industry that is full of fluctuations and uncertainty.  Farmers are eager to share the bounty of their labor with their community and the CSA model brings people together, taking out the “middle man” between the farmer and the consumer. 


As our daily lives seem to get more and more hectic, it can be increasingly difficult to make the thoughtful shopping decisions that are important to us, like finding fresh, local, chemical free options.  The CSA model provides an easy way to bring the freshest locally grown goods into your home. 


At Sugarbud Fields, a flower CSA membership will provide you with fresh from the field, hand-picked bouquets, free of harmful chemicals to brighten your home, office or business throughout the growing season.  We offer weekly or bimonthly pickups from convenient locations in your area.  Our passion is growing specialty varieties of romantic, fragrant, heirloom cut flowers and foliage, using organic practices and sustainable farming methods, for our local community.  We would be honored to share the beauty of what grows in our fields with you, your friends and your family.  Enjoy a membership for yourself, share with a friend or gift a seasonal share to someone special.  We are cultivating beauty one bloom at a time!

Still have questions? 

Visit our FAQ page or email us at

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