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What's Happening this Season

We are using these chilly winter months to prepare for the season ahead.  Colder weather and less sunshine isn't all dreary... Mother Nature has a grand plan, allowing us the time we need to set our roots, to build a strong foundation and to get our beauty sleep.  The farm is busy with all of these tasks, preparing for an unforgettable 4th growing season in 2022!  We are thrilled to have you join us as we set out to grow and bloom!

All winter long,Mother Earth has been taking care of the thousands of bulbs we put into the ground last fall and they are starting to peek out of the soil.  My heart is just leaping with excitement!

Be on the lookout for the release of our tulip miniCSA

on Tuesday, March 1st

ALL TULIPS for a fast and furious 3 week subscription

Then keep an eye out for the release of our 2022 summer/autumn CSA shares to become available for sale on Thursday, April 21st  

Finally, we are working out the details and logistics for another summer filled with yoga, floral design and gathering with friends!  Dates and details will be available soon for making your summer plans for farm events and private gatherings.  


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