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Spring Farmer/Florist Intensive

NEW for 2022!


Are you passionate about beautiful blooms?  Do you feel inspired by mother nature and the opportunity to work with her to nurture the earth?  Do you want to gain confidence in organic growing techniques through hands-on learning? 


This spring season intensive program is designed for those with a love of flowers and an interest in the world of small-scale, high-intensity farming (dreamers, earth lovers and adventure seekers welcome!)  Pull back the veil and get your hands (and boots) dirty as we dive into the real world tasks of farming specialty cut flowers for floral design!  


Participants will be engaged in all aspects of Sugarbud Fields spring operations.  This includes:  preparing the flower field for crop production, seed starting: indoors and sowing direct in the field, transplanting, disease and pest control, harvesting, flower processing, creation of bouquets, floral design process, as well as social media and marketing strategy.  


Interested?  Let us know by filling out the form below, so we can keep you informed of the application process. Know someone that would be a good fit?  Please pass this on!

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